The Rationalization of Minor Irrigation Statistics Scheme is a 100% Centrally Sponsored Scheme under the Ministry of Jal Shakthi (MoJS), Department of Water Resources (WR), River Development (RD) and Ganga Rejuvenation (GR) launched in order to build up a comprehensive database on the Minor Irrigation Sector. This is implemented on quinquennial basis in all States/ UTs. The main objective of this scheme is to build a reliable and sound data base on Minor Irrigation Section, which will be useful for estimating availability of ground water and formulation of realistic plan for Water Resources Development.

The Commissioner of Land Administration is the State Minor Irrigation Census Commissioner in Tamil Nadu State. So far, five such Minor Irrigation Censuses (MI) have been conducted and Sixth in series with reference year 2017-18 is in progress.

The Government of India have expanded the scope of Minor Irrigation Census to include Census of Water Bodies also. The objective is to capture information on important parameters of Water Bodies like their number, size, condition, type, usage, storage capacity etc., It covers all Water Bodies irrespective of their use. Such a sound data base will be useful for effective Planning and Policy formation.

The images of Water Bodies along with their Co-Ordinates (Longitude and Latitude) are captured through a Mobile App and uploaded in the Government of India Server. Therefore at present, Census of Water Bodies is conducted along with the Sixth Minor Irrigation Census.

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