Land Transfer

As per the provisions made in Revenue Standing Order (RSO) 23, Government lands are transferred to various Departments of Government of India on collection of land cost and as per the provisions made in R.S.O.23-A, Government lands are transferred to State Government Departments on free of cost.

In respect of State Government Departments, such as Health, Education, Home etc., as per G.O.Ms.No.503, Revenue Department, dated 21.9.1999, the District Collectors are empowered to transfer minimum extent of land, without ceiling on land cost, for essential purpose, provided that the land identified for transfer does not fall in any of the objectionable categories, such as water course, mayanam, pathai etc.,

In order to protect Meikkal or Manthaiveli (Grazing Ground) lands, the Government have issued instructions that for the transfer of the land involved in Meikkal Poramboke an equal extent of land must be provided as an alternate measure. Further, development charges at Rs.6,000/- per acre or Rs.15,000/- per Hectare are collected from the intending bodies. Though the local body develop and permit the cattle to graze, the ownership of the land shall vest with Revenue and Disaster Management Department only. The Government in Revenue and Disaster Management Department is only the custodian of all Government lands though the Government lands are transferred to the intending department, and reserves the right to resume the land when noticed that they are unutilized, violated the conditions etc., and allot them for any other public purpose.

The Government in their G.O.Ms.No.241, Revenue and Disaster Management Department, dated 16.5.2020 have issued order delegating the powers to all District Collectors to accord enter upon permission in respect of Land Transfer / Land Alienation on objectionable and unobjectionable poramboke lands without monitory limit.

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