The Functioning of Theatres all over Tamil Nadu are monitored based on the following Acts and Rules

  • Tamil Nadu Cinema (Regulation) Act 1955
  • Tamil Nadu Cinema (Regulation) Rules 1957

Tamil Nadu Cinema (Regulation) Act 1955 (Section 4) is expedient to provide for the regulation and of exhibitions by means of cinematographs in the state of Tamil Nadu. Based on this Act no person shall give an exhibition by means of a cinematograph elsewhere then in a place licensed under this act.

The authority having power to grant license under this Act is the District Collector provided that the Government may be notification constitute for the whole or any part of the state such other authority as it may specify in the notification to be the licensing authority for the purpose of this Act. If the licensing Authority suspend license according to the Act in the reference cited the appellate authority is the Government.

The Tamil Nadu cinemas Regulation Rule 1957 shall apply to all the existing Cinema premises in the state of Tamil Nadu and these which come into existence after the publication of these rules in the fort ST George Gazette.

As per the above rule the joint Commissioner of Land Administration shall be the appellate authority to which an appeal under section 5(7) of section 9A of the Act against the decision of the licensing authority shall be preferred (Rule No.45 part III). The government may entertain an application for revision against the decision of the appellate authority under section 5(7) of section 9-A(1) of the Act.

The licensing Authority should inspect the theatre premises regarding any violations / offences occurred in the theatre.

The renewal of the semi/touring/ permanent /multiplex theatres are being done as per the provision envisaged in Rule 107 of the Tamil Nadu cinema regulation rule 1957, for a period of one year. Hence the District Collector has to inspect the theatres before the renewal.

In regard to Chennai city the commissioner of Police is empowered as the licensing authority as per Tamil Nadu Cinema Regulation Act 1955 and the Tamil Nadu Cinemas Regulation Rules 1957.According to section 2(2) the District Collector in relation to the Presidency term means the Commissioner of Police to implement or enforce the above Act.

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