Assignment of House Site Pattas

The policy of the Government is to provide Housing facility, to everyone by granting free house-site to eligible house-less poor persons or granting house sites to houseless on payment of land value from among the available Government land classified as “Natham Vacant”, under the provisions of RSO 21. The Revenue Divisional Officers / District Collectors are empowered under RSO 21(6) to change the classification of various types of unobjectionable Government poramboke lands, to Natham so as to provide house sites if the present Natham land is not sufficient to cope with the development and not available to all.


Eligibility to get free house-site assignment in rural areas, the annual income should be below Rs.30,000/- and below Rs.50,000/- in Urban areas. To ensure the women welfare, the free House sites are assigned in favour of the woman member of the family only. As per the existing general rules, maximum of three cents in rural areas, one and half cents in Municipal areas and one cent in Corporation areas are assigned to each eligible family. In the special scheme eligibility criteria for getting free house site is

  1. The annual income of family should not exceed Rs 3 Lakhs
  2. Minimum of 5 years residential encroachment is statutory.
  3. He / she should not hold any house site and should be land less poor.
Special Scheme of Regularization:

The Government have issued comprehensive orders in G.O.Ms.No.318, Revenue and Disaster Management Department, dated 30.8.2019 for the implementation of a Special Scheme of Regularization of residential encroachments in unobjectionable poramboke lands by granting House-Site Pattas and also to relocate the residential encroachments in objectionable poramboke lands by identifying alternate suitable unobjectionable Government land or to acquire private lands by way of private negotiation to re-locate the encroachers and to issue free House-Site Pattas, so as to make them eligible Housing facility through Rural Development Department.

Now the Government in their G.O. (Ms) No.480, Revenue and Disaster Management Department, Dated 11.9.2020, have issued orders for extension of Special Scheme for a further period of one year from 31-8-2020 and is being implemented successfully in the State. This special regularization scheme now implemented is unique in nature to that its predecessor like scheme where in the special schemes, the encroacher who is found eligible in G.L.R should get his/her patta generated in Tamil Nilam portal and issued to them so that the beneficiary should not went to the pole post for getting patta as endured earlier.

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